Porcelain CEREC One-Visit Crown 

If you’ve ever needed a dental crown before, you probably were not lucky enough to get a One-Visit Crown, were you? You probably had to get a mouth­ful of “dental goo” to take the impression, then a temporary crown to wear for 1–3 weeks, hoping it would stay on the entire time, and then take more time for a second appointment at your dentist to get the real crown put in. But how would you like it if you got your crown the same day, right at your Milton dentist office?

Advantages of a Porcelain CEREC One-Visit Crown

1.Only 1 dentist appointment, not 2
2.No temporary crown that can break or fall off, which could mean an extra visit
3.No need to skip your favorite foods with the temporary crown
4.No second time getting numbed
5.When you leave, your crown is already done and you can eat what­ever you want.

Convenient Dental Care in Milton

The CEREC Primescan is the newest, fastest, and most accu­rate CAD/CAM system available to dental offices today; it is truly the wave of the future, but you can have that future right now. And what this modern technology does is make getting a dental crown convenient! The CEREC Primsescan allows us to create beautiful, very strong, all-porcelain crowns and onlays in just a single visit. We understand how hard it can be to take off work or have someone take care of the kids even once, but twice? And come on...do you really want to have to take off work a second time, get numb a second time, have that temporary crown? To be completely honest.……doing same day crowns with my CEREC machine is FUN! I’ve had pretty extensive training in using the CEREC machine, and it is a lot like using Photoshop for picture editing. In fact, there are a lot of similarities. The best part, though, patients tell me they think it is simply amazing to watch their brand new crown being made right in front of them. You can watch as I design it in the treatment room, and a lot of people sit in front of the chamber that mills out the porcelain in rapt fascination.